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Windows CE: Simple Little Registry Editor

 The Simple Little Registry Editor can be downloaded from: 

 Download Simple Little Registry Edit

I recently decided that it was time to write my own registry editor. I wrote this for my own needs, but am making it available to you.

My requirements are simple:

1.       Be able to view the registry on a Windows CE device without being attached to another computer, so the Remote Registry Editor won’t work.

2.       Need to support multiple CPU families – so this targets the .NET CompactFramework version 2.

3.       Be able to add and delete registry keys.

4.       Be able to add and delete values.

5.       Be able to edit dword, string and multi string values, I don’t need to edit binary values.

6.       Waste as little of the display space with unnecessary clutter, so no icons just for the sake of putting an icon on the display

What I came up with looks like this:

When the Registry Editor starts, it checks for portrait display (Width > Height) and display this way:

So far my decision to not use icons doesn’t appear to be paying off, but on a QVGA display, like the Pocket PC 2003 emulator it starts to make sense:

 But I didn’t forget the requirement to be able to edit values:

I provide this Simple Little Registry Editor to you free of charge and without a license and without a warrantee. You may use it as you see fit, I just ask that you do not provide it to others for download, instead refer them to this page.

This is version 1.x, there will never be a version 2.x because I consider this to be feature complete for a free software download. But if you report bugs using the feedback below, I will work on fixing them. I am not providing the source code like I sometimes do, but if you are interested in obtaining the source code to use to add features I can be talked into that, but not for free.

The Simple Little Registry Editor can be downloaded from: 

 Download Simple Little Registry Editor
This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Bruce Eitman

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