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Take an iMac and Windows 7 RTM – and have some fun…Blue screen fun!

I’m one of those people who ‘cross-dresses’ when it comes to computers. I have Apples and I put Windows on them as well as Leopard. Now this is out of design and necessity. I work very much in the Microsoft space but love Everything Apple – both hardware and software. So it is no surprise I have been using Windows 7 for many months. I have only installed it using Bootcamp on my Laptop a Mac Pro 17”. All was well both 32 bit and latterly 64 bit.

Come the great day I swiftly upped it to RTM – no problems. And all has been cool.

Now during this time I left my iMac well alone – carried on with Leopard and Vista..

Until last night when I thought it would be ‘nice’ to move it on to Windows 7.

All went well until the final part of the Win 7 install and Mr Blue screen arrived . Seems the standard Nividia driver supplied by MS on the Win 7 DVD kills an iMac’s GT7300.

The solution is as follows:

  1. Install and Blue screen!
  2. Re-boot but from the Win 7 install disk – seems to work if you hold alt on boot up and select the disk to boot from!
  3. When you get into the Windows installer, click past the language selection. Then click “Repair your computer”.
  4. Windows will scan for installations and prompt you with a list. Select your “C” drive and click Next.
  5. You should be presented with a windows titled “System Recovery Options”. At the bottom of this list you should see “Command Prompt”. Select the command prompt.
  6. When the console opens, you can delete the offending driver using the following command:
  7. Close the command prompt window and click the Restart button. This time, boot from your hard disk. You will complete the install with no Blue screen.

Having done this go to the Nivida web site and download the GT 7 series drivers for Windows 7! Install, re-boot and all is well!!

Well no, it is all good until you realise that you still need to install all the Bootcamp drivers….

These right off your new install and back comes Mr Blue Screen…..

So repeat 1-7 install your newly downloaded drivers and off you go – after a re-boot….

And now to solve the missing sound problem again!!!

posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 1:05 AM

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: andrew james

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