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Which port is my SQL listening for? (aka Another DBAs)

Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009 7:45 PM

Knowing which port your database server is serving requests through can be relevant, especially if you play around with the configurations and change all the default values during installation.

According to them, the default port is 1433. If you changed it unintentionally, you don’t remember or you run into a who either changed it unintentionally or doesn’t remember, you can run, from the SQL Sever Management Studio the SP xp_readerrorlog.

In the log error you can see a lot of information such as the authentication mode, the process ID of the server, and in an entry like this

Server is listening on [ 'any' <ipv4> 1433].

In this example, my server does have the default port configured, 1433 😉

If you want to change the configured port, you can do so from the SQL Server Configuration Manager, which comes among the Configuration Tools that are installed along with the SQL Server. In Configuration Manager, expand the Network Configuration section and select Protocols for MSSQL Server. In the detail section, when you select protocols, a list is displayed, including the TCP/IP protocol. Double-clicking on it shows the properties window in which you can change the port, in the IP Adresses tab, at the bottom, in IP All (I would configure all versions of the IP protocol, since you can configure a different port for each version of the protocol). In TCP Port, you type in the number and voila!

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Marcos

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