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User prompts (MessageBox) with MVVM

The problem statement:

I am tired of thinking how to show a simple message box or user prompt and act based on the response in Model-View-View-Model (MVVM).

Common approaches:

– It’s ok, let’s just do this one thing from ViewModel and mock this out for unit testing 

– Design my own dialog, then what to do from there 

– Can I write something in view code behind, ah yes, that seems to be the only way out, as anyway MVVM is still not matured…  

– and what not?

I am pretty much one among the few frustrated out in this world looking for some convincing answers. I think we can do it a little neater without having the feeling of violating any of our self defined rules


The Control

– Implement a simple control with no designer visibility.

– Allow a property to be bound to tell when to show the MessageBox

– Provide command binding for possible user actions, Yes, No, Cancel…

How do I Use?

– Just place the necessary XAML tag in the view

– Implement the command for all user actions in the View Model

– Run unit tests on the commands

I am also attaching the code for the MessageBox control and a demo application.

Hope this is useful to somebody out there… Comments are welcome….

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: MUKAPU

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