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Steps to Resolve SSRS Timeout Issues

Been awhile since I had posted anything and what better way to restart this blog than with some Timeout Issues. Now this list is designed for SSRS 2005, but you can put a few of these tips to use in 2008. Consider these steps in the below order.

1) Set the HttpRuntime ExecutionTimeout value to a greater value (ie 3 hours) on the Report Server

How do you do this? Simple!

a.       Open the ReportServer’s Web.config file by going to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services.
b.      From there, expand Web Sites -> Default Web Site, and click on ReportServer. On the right-hand pane, right-click ‘Web.Config’ and select ‘Open’.
c.       Locate the HttpRuntime parameter. If it doesn’t exist, you will have to create it within the <System.Web> section.
d.      Set the executionTimeout value to ‘10800’ (3 hours) as shown below:

<httpRuntime executionTimeout = "10800" />

2) Increase the script timeout on the report server

 1. Go onto your Reporting Server and open up Internet Information Services; right-click on the ReportServer and select Properties.
   2. Go to the Options tab, and set the ASP Script timeout to 300 seconds as shown below.

3) Set the report to never time out on the server

   1. Open your web browser on the server and go to http://localhost/Reports
   2. Navigate to the Report location and click on the problem report(s).
   3. On the left-hand pane, click on Properties.
   4. In the ‘Report Execution Timeout’ click the ‘Do not timeout report execution’.

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: SSRS Blog

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