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Silverlight Cream for July 10, 2010 — #900

For Issue 900, I wanted to do another “best of” and it’s a little tricky. I can’t do best of from 800 to 900 because it will be heavily weighted to the early posts.

So what I did was best of for 2010 so far. I also did best of 2009 to put that one to bed.

In the lists, Number 01 is the top hit, and they go on from there.

Just a note to bloggers… if you reorganize your blog, don’t break your links! … there are a couple on these two lists that I had to go find, and that means that other links on your blogs are also broken.

Best of 2010 From

Number 01, Jesse LibertyPersisting the Configuration (Updated)

Number 02, Tim GreenfieldSuperStackPanel = Grid + StackPanel

Number 03, SilverLawEasing ToolTip Styling Example

Number 04, Jeremy LiknessTop 10 Silverlight Myths and the Facts to Bust Them

Number 05, Michael WashingtonSilverlight MVVM: An (Overly) Simplified Explanation

Number 06, Timmy KokkeThe Silverlight 3D Controls project

Number 07, Phil MiddlemissA Scalable Orb Radio Button

Number 08, Justin AngelAutoMagically Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged

Number 09, Michael WashingtonSilverlight MVVM – The Revolution Has Begun

Number 10, Rik RobinsonIntroduction to Using Prism with Silverlight 3

Number 11, Victor GaudiosoNew Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to import XML and turn it into native Silverlight Objects

Number 12, John McFetridgeSilverlight for Building Business Applications

Number 13, RishiiPhone Sudoku in Silverlight using MVVM

Number 14, András VelvártA Designer-friendly Approach to MVV

Number 15, felix corkeFree Silverlight 4 beta skin!

Number 16, Walter FerrariAn Excel file Viewer in Silverlight 4

Number 17, Jeremy LiknessSimple Dialog Service in Silverlight

Number 18, Phil MiddlemissBacklighting a ListBox

Number 19, Deborah KurataSilverlight: Themes

Number 20, Syed Mehroz AlamAutoCompleteComboBox for Silverlight

Number 21, Phil MiddlemissA Chrome and Glass Theme – Part 3

Number 22, Michael WashingtonSilverlight 4 Drag and Drop File Manager

Number 23, Alex van BeekSilverlight 4 vs Flex 4: Printing

Number 24, András VelvártTransforming an Ugly Duckling to a Graceful Swan with Expression Blend and Silverlight – Part I

Number 25, Jonathan van de VeenBuilding an interactive spider in Silverlight

Best of 2009 From

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