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Reason Behind Drupal’s Popularity

Drupal is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) that has been written in PHP. Drupal is issued under GNU General Public License that facilitates access to basic functionalities as per requirement. At present over 160,000+ websites powered by Drupal, which is around 8% of the total market share. Many organizations across the globe are migrating to Drupal it is highly scalable and feature rich platform. These days it is best to outsource Drupal development services to service providers who have experienced and highly skilled professionals who can provide quality services at competitive rates.

Since conception of Drupal in 2008, it has managed to be a successful platform for developing unique and future oriented web solutions. Drupal offers unmatchable options to developers to enhance the functionality of any website, which is imperative for any business to stay ahead of competition. Numerous reasons have contributed to the increase in demand for Drupal as a preferred platform for business website development. Let’s explore the reasons behind Drupal’s popularity.

Facilitates swift development

Drupal is a robust platform, it is free, open source of and can help retailers to create tailored websites that matches their business goals. The development process is really quick and if taken the help of experts, Drupal websites provide a seamless experience to customers and hence preferred by customers and businesses alike.

Vast module directory

Drupal is backed by a community of millions of developers from across the globe, who always strives to provide modules to extend the functionality of your website. These modules can be used by developers to improve the performance of your website.

Unbeatable community support

Drupal has millions of developers who provide active community support by coming up with new updates to help improve the functionality of Drupal.

Open Source

Drupal is free and it is an open source platform which means that it easy for developers to access the core functions of the platform without having to worry about licenses and agreements.

Highly Secured

Drupal has a rigid security system in place that continuously patches all bugs related to security in timely manner.

Search Engine Optimized

Drupal has 100% validated codes that have been coded manually to be compliant with search engine. Drupal powered websites are increasingly getting ranked high on numerous search engines, which can help retailers to reach out potential customers across the globe.

Hope these points will definitely give you some idea about why Drupal is best website development solution.  Drupal is scalable, flexible and responsive, which is essential for creating web design and development solutions. 

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: James Wilson

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