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RabbitMQ vs MSMQ (High Level Differences)

Centralized queuing.Decentralized queuing.
Multiplatform (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc)Windows only
Standard based (AMQP)No standard

Centralized vs Decentralized:

  • A message broker like RabbitMQ is a centralized message broker where messages are stored on a central or a clustered server and client/subscriber does pubsub from this central server.
  • MSMQ is decentralized and each machine has its own queue. Client can send messages to a particular queue and the subscriber can retrieve the message from that particular queue.

Multiplatform vs Windows only:

  • RabbitMQ is multiplatform message broker so clients from any platform can read/write messages to/from RabbitMQ. It also has client libraries written in .NET, Java, Erlang, Ruby, Python etc. Integration is easy.
  • MSMQ is a windows machine only messaging system.

Standards vs No Standards:

  • RabbitMQ follows one of the standard called AMQP (Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol). If you have multiple platform taking with each other than RabbitMQ is a better option.
  • MSMQ uses its own proprietary messaging format. If you have a use case of windows machine talking with windows machine than MSMQ can suffice that use case. 
This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Vishal Modi Architect

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