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MsMpEng.exe is the nugget draining my CPU…

It has been a few months since I installed Windows Live OneCare and results are mixed.  For the most part it runs quietly in the background providing, at least I think, real-time protection.  The problem the last few starts has been MsMpEng.exe (Windows Defender) crippling my machine with heavy CPU utilization.  I’ve Googled, Live- Searched, MS-Knowledge Base searched and found basically the same thing… High CPU… but no resolution.

I dug through OneCare help and still didn’t find anything.  Therefore I decided to look in the registry and found: HKLM | One Care Protection | Exclusions.  Under Exclusions I found three folders: Extensions, Paths, and Processes.  I know through the One Care GUI I can designate folders and files for exclusion.  I have excluded a few folders and found these in Paths.  On a whim, I decided to add MsMpEng.exe in Processes.  I was initially blocked lacking permission.  I added full control and then added the DWORD: MsMpEng.exe having a data value of 0.  I restored the permissions and restarted.  After the restart, MsMpEng.exe has not consumed more than 50% CPU at startup (for only a brief time) and then occasionally 7-10% when browsing or starting other applications.  For the most part it runs quietly at 0%  I’m only guessing, but MsMpEng.exe may have been monitoring MsMpEng.exe.  So far so good…

posted on Monday, March 26, 2007 6:17 PM

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Coleman’s

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