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MSDN Flash Podcast Pilot – April 22nd 2009

This is a pilot podcast to accompany the fortnightly MSDN Flash newsletter. I would appreciate feedback on what you liked and what you didn’t – and even whether you managed to make it through the 20minutes.

Things I already plan to do:

  • More formally split the podcast into sections (Fresh Discovery, User Group, Tip etc)
  • Add music/sounds – especially to introduce the sections
  • Host it “properly” 🙂
  • Make it podcast subscriber friendly – via Itunes etc
  • Full show notes for each episode
  • Include interviews with the authors of the article etc

I am very keen to hear what you think about the style, length, content, overuse of the word “interesting” (!),  use of snipurl etc. If nothing else – can you place where I am originally from? 🙂

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy it and learn something useful.

The podcast is 20minutes long and 14mb (< 1minute download). Currently hosted on skydrive…

Podcasts on Skydrive (007 onwards available on ITunes)

Urls from the podcast:

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Eric Nelson

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