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How to study effectively?

Psychologist  Heddy López Díaz , accompaniment leader – MAIE School of Education of the  Minuto de Dios University Corporation (Uniminuto)  discussed the most effective study techniques as shared by dissertation writing service.

“According to the characterization made to our new students in the Faculty of Education of Uniminuto (FEDU) , during this semester, we find that 20.8% reported having serious difficulties in attention, memory and concentration, while 6.2% presented Learning problems associated with reading comprehension, “says psychologist  Heddy López Díaz .

But obtaining good results when studying also depends on the techniques that are applied during the process. And to achieve this, Diaz, who has extensive experience in research and teaching university from the area of ​​pedagogy,


Ask questions about the subject studied


Record the answers to these questions and then analyze them to determine how much is known about the topic


Make a list of keywords


Make a synoptic table showing the overall structure of the topic studied.


In some cases it may be necessary to solve problems and analyze cases.

# 6

Given that it is advisable to take short breaks when studying for hours, it is recommended to develop certain habits such as walking, sleeping 15 minutes, and breathing exercises based on relaxation.

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