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How to move an off screen window back to main screen on Windows 7

Ever had the fun of trying to see a window that is open, but off your screen?  I ran into this again this week.  I have a second monitor hooked up to my laptop most of the time, but when I undock my laptop, I’ll inadvertently leave windows open on the second monitor.  It’ll also happen when I open an application and it launches on the second window (because that’s where it was last open).

The fix for this is to get the window to move back to the main screen.  In Windows XP, you’d simply right click on the window in the taskbar, select “Move” and then use your arrow keys to move the window back.  However, in Windows 7, this has changed.

In Win7, when you right click on an application in the task bar, you get the new jump menu

Well, that won’t work.

Instead, try holding the SHIFT key when you right click:

Now, you can select “Move”, and then use the arrow keys to move the window to where you want it.

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