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Enable Breadcrumb / Navigate Up on SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2010 has Breadcrumb option which helps user to know in which level he is in. Especially when user is in 4-5 level deep sub folder on any library, the Breadcrumb icon shows the level clearly. You can’t find it in SharePoint 2013 by default.

Is it gone? “No! It’s hidden.”

Well, how to bring it back?

You can do it in Out-Of-The-Box seatle / oslo master page (Not recommended) or in the Custom Master page.

If you don’t have custom master page then follow below steps. Otherwise move to next section.

Create Custom1. In SharePoint Designer 2013, open the site and click “All Files” in left pane.
2. Double click “_catalogs” and select “masterpage”.
3. Find and Open seatle.master (Right click -> Edit in Advanced Mode). If it’s asking to check out, then Check out. Later we’ll discard the check out.
4. Select all the code in seatle master page and copy.
5. Select “All Files Tab -> File -> Blank Master Page”.
6. Remove all code in this and paste the code which we copied from seatle master.

Enable Breadcrumb

1. In the master page, search for below code.

<div class="ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox" style="display:none;">

2. In this line, delete the CSS style attribute.

<div class="ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox" style="display:none;">

3. Search for “SharePoint:PopoutMenu” and change the “Visible” property value from “false” to “true”.

<SharePoint:AjaxDelta id="DeltaBreadcrumbDropdown" runat="server">   <SharePoint:PopoutMenu

4. Save the master page, Check in and Publish as Major version.
That’s it. We’re almost done.

Apply Custom Master PageIf the icon didn’t appear then you need to set/apply the Custom Master page to the site.

1. Navigate to “Site Settings” page (Click Gear icon on Top right and select “Site Settings”).
2. Under “Look and Feel” section, click “Master page”. (You should have site owner permission to modify master page.)
3. In Site Master Page section, click the first dropdown and select the Custom Master page.
4. Click “OK” button on the bottom to save the settings.

Now navigate to site pages and you’ll see Breadcrum (“Navigate Up”) icon. 🙂

posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015 2:49 AM

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author:  Sharep10nt

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