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Bluetooth. Why Blue??? Why Tooth???

Well, I’m posting this because during the last week three different people in three completly different environments asked me why is Bluetooth called “Bluetooth”. Why not Goldentooth? 🙂 Why not Blueberry? (Hmm… That has just made me wonder about Blackberry… I’ll look into it).

So, here is the answer. Bluetooth, the protocol that promissed to connect all your different gadgets from different companies/makers, is named Bluetooth after a Viking King called Harald Bluetooth, who got his name because of his fondness for blueberries, which stained his teeth. King Harald Bluetooth was famous for uniting the warring tribes of Scandinavia, just like our Bluetooth protocol, uniting different technologies. See? It’s not just another stupid name (although I think Blackberry is in fact just another stupid name. :)).

By the way, this whole idea came from Ericsson, in Sweden. They are the inventors of Bluetooth (the technology, not the king. :D). It was developed in 1994, but only in 1998 Ericsson presented it to several other big companies, and they agreed to make it an industry standard, which was a rare act of the industry, but that we are thankful for.

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author:  Felipe M. G. Ceotto

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