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Adventures with Windows Phone 7 – REJECTION!

I submitted my math flash-card app today, and less than 24 hours I have a response! Very fast indeed.

Unfortunately, the response was a big *FAIL*. However, this is a good opportunity to show what the process looks like when things don’t go well when submitting an app to the marketplace.

So first off, when you review your application and its status, you’ll see this:

“Testing failed” is in the Status column, and the drop list in the Action column has an option to “View test results”. Ok, let’s see what happened.

A PDF will download and opening it will show a report detailing what exactly it was that failed.

I had two things wrong with my app. The first one I kinda call shenanigans on, only because its really lame and the wording isn’t really clear. But, learn from my mistakes!

Now, I don’t know if you can read that (click on it to enlarge the image), but under the Expected Result column to the right it outlines the test process to validate this area of requirements (4.6). It states:

The submitted screenshots must be direct captures of the phone screen or the emulator with the application running.

This should be a non-issue. Here’s the screenshot I submitted:

Looks good, right? Plus, the 480 x 800 resolution is a little weird, but whatever…my screen is stretched a bit, but still looks ok.

But what did I get burned on?

The screenshot shows the emulator border. The screenshot should be a direct capture of the phone screen.

So the screenshot can be taken *from* an emulator, but can’t *show* the emulator. Fair enough.

I also need to update my “Pin-to-Start” button to make it consistent with the rest of my icons. So nothing actually wrong with the app, just image issues related to my app. But enough to require me to re-submit my app again.

So tomorrow I’ll update the app and re-submit, and we’ll see what happens!


This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Darcy Lussier

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