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10 Reasons NOT to date a Geek (unless they don’t follow this pattern!)

Well I’ve seen so many 10 reasons to date a geek that I thought I would go with the opposite, having dated a few in the past! Share the knowledge so to speak! Bear in mind that I am also a geek so there will be clashes there!OK so here goes….

1. They prefer to talk to you via the computer than directly to you.
2. If it were a choice between computer or female they will choose the computer. (Don’t ask me why they just seem to! – Something to do with online gaming I believe!)
3. They actually think it is romantic to fix your pc or write your webpage? What is that all about… It’s not as though it is hard to do… and they like doing it anyway coz they can show it off to all their mates!
4. A screen lit dinner doesn’t quite work as well as a candle lit one!
5. Computers, beer, football, gaming… aren’t exactly what a girl wants to hear about 24/7.
6. 24/7 slating of MS products isn’t actually productive and can get very annoying…. almost as annoying as no 7!
7. 24/7 praise of anything Open Source without justification…
8. You can’t get past a computer or gadget shop without going inside it! (It’s fine if you are also into the tech gadgets like I am, but for anyone else I can see how seriously annoying it can be!)
9. If you actually manage to get near the computer when he is around he will be pestering you every 5 minutes trying to show you how you could have done everything better a different way (on a linux platform with open source code!)
10. Oh remember this is all IF you can manage to drag him away from his computer for 5 minutes for him to ask you out 😉

Guys don’t take this too personally, just thought I would add an alternative view to Maryam Scoble’s blog on 10 reasons to date a geek. Personally I’m not adverse to dating geeks, I think you have to have a bit of an understanding where they get this obsession with all things geeky. But watch out! They may just manage to convert you!

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Sarah Blow

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