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Aleksey Sudakov blog August 2005 Entries
Des parcs atour de Montreal
Montreal http://www.parcjeandrapeau.... - tres comercial, mais au métro (station Jean-Drapeau) Laval Parc de la rivière des Mille-Îles (kayak, patinage), assez loin pour le petit parc. Et aussi, des listes des parcs atour de Montreal En Montérégie Îles-de-Boucherville (Cyclisme/Kayak/Pêche). Pour aller on peut prendre une navette de parc Bellerive (m. Honoré-Beaugrand et bus 185) Mont-Saint-Bruno - les plus proches pistes de ski alpin de Montreal (15 km) Tout ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 17, 2005 11:53 AM

Tests at the low end of the bandwidth revealed that AVC (x.264) does not offer significant advantage over ASP(XVID, DX50). It did looked better overall, but not good enough to justify 50% increase in speed required to both encode and decode. Once again the test were at the low end of the bandwidth where all codecs showed some but yet noticable artifacts. This low end of the bandwidth is as follows Size Bandwidth QT7 on 848Mhz CPU 384x288 300 kbps 80-85% 480x352 500 kbps 90% 640x480(480p) 800 kbps ......

Posted On Tuesday, August 9, 2005 12:14 PM

SD/HD, 480p/720p, AVS/ASP and processor speed
Standard Definition (SD) is 480p or in 4:3 format 640x480=307200pix. High Definition (HD) is 720p or in 4:3 format 960x720=691200pix or in wide screen (16:9) 1280x720 or 921600 pix. Encoding/decoding is proportional to number of pixel per frame and thus, “upgrade“ from 4:3 SD to to 4:3 HD is 225% more expensive and to 16:9 HD is 300% more expensive. On 448 Mhz test CPU most trivial case of CBR encoding gave the following result Size XviD x264 480x360 5fps 3fps 640x480 3fps 2fps thus AVS ......

Posted On Monday, August 8, 2005 9:49 AM

mp4 ASP
Bloody hell, turns out I wasted all morning on faac not working simply because it was Linux (well some outdated debian package to be exact). It worked fine on Windows and compiling faac on Linux myself did the trick. Also, mkfifo and piping mplayer to faac worked too once I removed white spaces, but until AAC file is fully written QuickTime cannot play it. So before I could stream AAC audio I need to either pipe to mp4creator or figure something else. (AAC streaming doesn't work in QTSS in the first ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 3, 2005 8:31 PM

Video in mp4 format and Quicktime.
I didn't realize that mp4 container could host DiVX5 (DX50) and XviD (XVID) video streams. Moreover, since they are simple profile MPEG-4 streams (MP4V-ES), upon packaging mp4creator changes id to MP4V-ES and after that encoder becomes transparent. Quicktime could play those DX50 and XVID streams using MPEG-4 compliant decoder, alas there are some problems. 1. Since QuickTime is very picky it would play only AAC audio and will refuse MP3 that would be packaged into mp4 by default when repackaging ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 3, 2005 11:13 AM

So I installed Darwin Streaming Server to play with mp4 and H.264, but it didn't go further then audio - DSS refuse to RTSP stream mp3 apparently because it is not hinted. Neither does it stream mp3 wrapped into mp4 container even with hint track. DSS has no problem however streaming AAC with hint in mp4 container, but way of creating AAC using AACMachine is cludgy as hell. Here there is a list of other posibilities when it comes to encoding mp4. And here is the list of audio encoders and ......

Posted On Monday, August 1, 2005 7:46 AM

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