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A post, possibly flame-bait, was sent out to a group that I subscribe. It was a response to a previous post about the “Duct Tape Programmer.” Incase you’re not familiar, it was started by a post from Joel Spolsky and taken to several extremes by way too many people. Anyway, the poster said something like this:

“I used to idolize Joel Spolsky. However after reading his thoughts and listening to his podcast for the last couple of years I've come to realize he's an arrogant blowhard.”

This made me pause to reflect on my feelings about Joel. You see, I’ve been reading Joel’s blog for a long time. I have read several of his books. I even have a copy of the “Aardvark’d” DVD he put out. When he and Jeff Atwood started out on StackOverflow I was excited because I was also an avid reader of Jeff’s blog. I even listened to their podcasts while StackOverflow was being constructed. But not so much any more.

It’s not that I don’t like Jeff or Joel – they still have wonderful insight and information into the programming and business world. I guess I’ve just moved on. I don’t subscribe to either of their blogs anymore, but I do read them from time to time if an aggregator picks them up. There are times in your life when you need to be fed a certain diet and for a long time that was given to me by Joel and Jeff. I’ve used their technical and business advice on more than one occasion and still do refer others to their writings.

I don’t always agree with Joel, but I wouldn’t feel right telling others he is not worth listening. It may not be my time but others might find just what they need with him. Eventually they will move on as well.

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# re: It is hard to know when to move on
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I have all of his books and used to be a big evangelist, but he burned through all of that goodwill about 37 flamebaits ago.

"I wouldn’t feel right telling others he is not worth listening"

His older stuff, sure. But I feel perfectly fine telling people not to listen to him these days.

Jeff Atwood, on the other hand, is the goods.
Left by Lancelot on Oct 09, 2009 10:59 AM

# re: It is hard to know when to move on
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Good point - his older material is what is really worth while and I think we both agree that we've outgrown what he has to offer now.
Left by WatsonJon on Oct 09, 2009 11:29 AM

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