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Well now that the girl geek dinners are finished for the year and DDD4 has been done, I am back looking at what is going on in the mobile space.  With Le Web 3 on this week and not being there I thought I would see what is being discussed.  The first thing that was brought up today in light of the event was Rudy De Waele's recent article about mobile and the web 2.0 phenomenon.  The article makes for an interesting read and touches on a few subjects close to my heart.  Mobile 2.0 vs Web 2.0 and the differences between them is one of those things. 


Rudy goes beyond this to a discussion area of VoIP that has been brought up before with the mobile service providers such as O2 and Vodafone.  With Wi-Fi becoming more prevalent it will be interesting to see how the operators react to the market.  I for one know that if Wi-Fi is open, free and I have a device that can do VoIP then I will use that over a costly service for data and voice!  I'm sure if it is easy to use and the coverage is good then people will naturally move towards the cheaper option.  It just makes financial sense. 


Rudy uses Google as one of his examples, and this leads me onto another item that has come to my attention recently, and that is Google calendar on mobile devices, including synchronization from the mobile and updating the calendar remotely.  How useful! Look out for updates on this little killer app as I think it has a lot of promise!  Keep up the good work Thom!


And from Thom back to Rudy again, and this time PartyStrands… which I didn't post about when I first heard about it, but realised how much better it would have been at the London Xmas Bash on Saturday than Twitter!   Many of you are probably wondering what on earth it is,  so in 3 lines here it is:



  • Music Requests - Via SMS
  • Playlist Editing - On Screen Playlist… edited by the SMS requests
  • Txt & Pic upload to screen! - audience interaction with each other


And Twitter:

  • Noise!  From random users
  • No pics
  • Doesn't link in with the location etc. 


All in all PartyStrands wins out for me… go have a look, they have showcased at TechCrunch, MoMo NYC amongst other places.  Well worth a look.


And so far that's all the mobility stuff that just happens to have fallen across my path.  There was a MoMo London on this evening but unfortunately this time I didn't get the time to sign up so I will leave this month's Mobile Monday to be written about by someone else!


BTW Le Web 3 apparently has a mobility session so look out for people there writing about it!

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2006 7:20 PM Mobile | Back to top

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# re: Little bits of Mobility
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Good one!
Left by Sheamus on Dec 12, 2006 7:59 AM

# re: Little bits of Mobility
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Difference between Partystrands and Twitter. The twiter app was created by a backstage developer and donated to backstage out of kindest.

Twitter can be contacted via email, text, im and online. Partystrands only via text. You can also filter out other users if you get people to add someone as a friend.
Left by Ian Forrester on Dec 15, 2006 3:26 PM

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