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I went and did my first go kart session after getting back from San Diego, and this time we were racing at the Camberley track! It's a great track... anti-clockwise just to confuse people and it has LOTS of bends but only one set of tricky hairpins... and some looooong sweeping curves. I loved it.





I was there with the work team and this time we had two karts and were racing against each other. What I didn't know was that we were also racing against Rob Collard and his mates! :S
They started out in 5th place but they got in front at the first bend when someone (our second team...) decided to try and take me out on the first bend... Unfortunately this put Collard and Cardinal 2nds in front and left me with a lot of ground to catch up.... We did catch up and eventually overtook Cardinal 2nds and on the final change over we did mange to get into first place! Yes we actually had poll position for a while ahead of Collard! :) But then they got in front and we didn't quite manage to catch them after that...
It was a great race and I am happy to say that I got to race against a pro driver and I learnt a few tricks to the track too.  It was a great evening and I don't feel so bad at getting another second place knowing that I was second to Collard and his mate... And I had a fantastic driving partner too which was very useful. I learnt a lot about racing this evening and also about how important team tactics can be!
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Yahoo... Tons of fun!
Left by Sheamus on Sep 26, 2006 10:34 PM

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