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As some of you know I am out in San Diego at the moment and rather than filling this blog with personal stuff I have decided to create a side blog here which details some of my little adventures whilst I am out here.  I will be keeping my .net mobile blog site for more tech related stuff. 

Things to expect on this blog site over the coming weeks are stuff on XP embedded and Windows CE 6 beta... as I am looking at the benefits and drawbacks of the two OS's and where they are appropriate for use. 

I want to get a San Diego Girl Geek Dinner going out here, but San Diego is VERY different from London and the culture out here doesn't exactly lend itself to that sort of thing.  I'm actually wondering if San Diego is really ready for the girly geek dinners scene!  So far I haven't heard from a single San Diego girl about them even wanting a girly geek dinner, and doing dinner on your own is just no fun! 

Anyway!  I'm off to the beach!  Have a great day!

Posted on Saturday, July 8, 2006 5:11 PM Personal , London Girl Geek Dinners , Embedded | Back to top

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