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I am having one of those months where I have so many different things that I want to investigate, play with and learn and so little time to dedicate to them that I feel like I am neglecting my technology roots! (Bad Sarah!) However as I did say a few days ago, I am going to be making a conscious effort this weekend to get back to some of it. So what is on my list of stuff to sit and play with:

1. Playing with Windows Mobile 2005 and interfacing to SQLMobile.
2. Reporting the many bugs that I seem to be finding with Messenger 8.0 Beta (he he he... I can crash it and explorer! - I told you I was bad!)
3. Having a play with Office Live (basics, collaboration and essentials).
4. Play about with Wiki solutions and analyse some of the current issues that occur with wiki's as a collaboration tool.
5. Python with Nokia phones... hmm... need to look into that... (if only I could find my old Nokia! grrr! See there is a use for old phones! Donate them to the devs! :) )

That will do to start with... (it's going to be a busy weekend!) Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2006 8:59 PM Personal , Mobile , Embedded | Back to top

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One of the problems I've come across with wikis is that they don't have an intuitive editing story, especially from those that are non-technical. I've lost track of how many times I've heard requests for a "nice Word-like thingy" as most folks outside the technical teams don't want to have to spent the time learning all the formatting tokens.
Left by Neil Cowburn on Feb 16, 2006 9:21 PM

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So far my experience with SQL 2005 Mobile has been that it's fixed a lot of the performance issues in SQL CE 2.0. For my test (inserting a set of Consignment and Item records into an empty database, then retrieving consignment information to display on a form) it was a bit faster than SQLite. I'm thinking about pushing for an upgrade to .NET CF 2.0 and SQL 2005 Mobile on one customer's system, next time they ask for new features. The downside is that this customer uses modem comms and the new CF package is quite a bit larger than before (5MB vs 2.5MB!) (SQL 2005 Mobile is actually smaller!)

Of course I don't know if it will still fall over if your database is on a Compact Flash card.
Left by Mike Dimmick on Feb 18, 2006 1:23 AM

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