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I had to try this. Since I came back from holidays I heard from people that Microsoft came out with a anti-spyware program. They said they won't be trying it soon as it was still in Beta. Well I could not wait nor do I care of it breaking anything on my system. So I searched for it and here it was. The installation was smooth. I started the scan and it finished scanning 15200 files on my system (Intelligent Quick Scan) in 1 mintue 30 seconds on my system. As my system is well protected by firewall and stuff, there were no spyware found on the system. I have tried some other Spyware programs before but this one is neat. 5 minutes of roaming around the system should make one familiar with the features and functionalities of the system. Well I like this application as I now won't have to install 2-3 different small apps. I used to use 'Hijackthis' and 'Lavasoft Anti-spyware'  before to clean out all the spyware from my system.

Specially I liked the System tools (which contains System Explorer & Browser Hijack  Restore) & Privacy tools section of this application. I think Browser Hijack Restore and Privacy tools can be handy to most of the people and can be used on a daily basis. If I continue to use this tool, I can use these features on a tool on a daily basis. I can delete my traces from my system (superficially) while leaving for home from office and while going to bed at home. Well I look forward to see a better product with better and more features in the future. Not sure if the rumours are right or wrong, but I have heard that Microsoft is going to charge for this tool as soon as this tool comes out of Beta.

A recommended tool to try out.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 7:56 PM Security , Tools , Technical | Back to top

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