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“Are Privacy Policies Unenforceable and Meaningless?” if was asked to me, I would say “ they should be not meaningless but sometimes it seems that they are meaningless”.

Plaxo's Privacy Guy 'Stacy Martin' is doing an excellent job convincing people on to trust Plaxo and their privacy policy. She has sure convinced me that I can use it as well as recommend using Plaxo to others, but still there small particle of suspicion allways remains somewhere in the mind with so many bad things that have happened over the years on the Internet.

Today she writes about how much enforceable and meaningfull Plaxo's privacy policy is to them with some interesting links. Check it out here.  She writes “ trust is essential to our business. Any violation of the provisions in our privacy policy would undermine the trust we have established with users of our service. We realize in order to be successful we must continually earn that trust from both members as well as non-members. We strive to operate in an open and public fashion and allow people to judge for themselves. Our Plaxo Privacy Policy is one such example of our public statement.”

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, September 3, 2004 4:51 PM Security | Back to top

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