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I just got an Orkut Newsletter in my email, had never got this before, hmmn, is a cool thing, shows some simple statistics in a simple manner. I wonder how does it recommend new friends as outlined below? I checked their profile and all of them are people working on .NET and one of them is Datagrid Girl. I also realised that I should be making friends at an International level, just from looking my friends list I see more Indians than any other nationality.

The best thing I liked about Orkut is it's community, where you can easily create your own community. I have been in touch with so many other people from the same state of Gujarat in India (that is where I am from) living in different parts of the world and it's good to see what their views are on different things and politics in India and on even topics like “Are gujaratis meant to be vegeterians ?“. It's fun overall. Below is my newsletter. You can see some of my recent added friends too.


Hey Tejas,

You have 47 friends:
- 4 best friends
- 7 good friends
- 19 friends
- 5 acquaintances
- 12 haven't met

New members in your network since May 17th:
- 1 new friends
- 10 new friends of friends
- 233 new friends of friends of friends

Friends of friends you might be interested in meeting:
- Sudhakar Sadasivuni
- Marcie Robillard
- Randy Holloway
- Matt Hawley

Recently updated friend albums:
- Abhishek Kant
- Prashant Kakad
- Ruchi Doshi

You can receive a better personalized newsletter by adding friendship levels to
your friends:

stay beautiful, team

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 2:13 PM Misc. | Back to top

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