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I am Orkutting or Orcutting (whatever you prefer :) ) and I am enjoying it. Few minutes a day (may be 20 minutes at the max.) and I am meeting all these new people who are wonderful people, unique in their way, some good influencers and people with amazing skills. I am enjoying the communities too, esspecially the 'Gujarati' (People speaking a Indian language called Gujarati) community and 'Baroda' (this is the name of my city in India) community among many others. In these communties I meet people around the world who speak Gujarati or are from the State of Gujarat in India, know their views on different topics and in the Baroda community that I created, I am hoping to gather all my mates from this city which are scattered all over the world now and it will be fun, and then we can discuss on things that are happening in my city, the new buildings, new businesses, movies running in my city, developments and a lot. I won't be too much away from my14500 Kms home anymore.

The problem is that these forums don't have feeds which means that I have to go in and look into every forum when I log in to see if there are any new posts. Does anybody have a clue if they will be having feeds in the future?

I have just found at today that one of my friends on a list called Prashant Kakad is a very good singer ( I knew that he was a good dancer and fun loving person before), I heard his songs online and they are classic, I just love them, good luck Prashant with your future plans, if you want to hear some nice Indian music, here is the link to his  home page , click on the links to listen to the songs, if you understand hindi or music, I bet you will love it.

Hmmn, now I will have to talk to Prashant about having his own blog!!.

Not all is good, I am tired of dealing with some crap messages that I keep on getting from 'Friends of Friends'.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Saturday, May 8, 2004 4:09 PM Misc. | Back to top

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