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Optimise SharePoint Search with Mondosoft Analysis Tools

When: Wednesday, February 8. 6:30-8:30pm
Where: 2 Bloor West, 8th Floor (CDI Education)

SharePoint search is pretty good, but it's a science all its own and one of the roughest pieces to configure well. When search is left untended, users won't find what they need and when that happens, they tune out and start complaining about your taxonony. Give that a year or so and you've created a brand new file dump. What to do? For starters, take advantage of Mondosoft's knowledge, they've been experts on search since 1998 and they're coming to teach us how to get search right.

Learn how Peoples Bank reduced the average number of searches to locate content from 2.5 to 1.2, that's a number most people don't get with Google:

Steve Bang of Mondosoft will be flying in for this presentation, let's give him a warm welcome!

Register now and see what else is in store for 2006! And being an old-school UG, we start every meeting with an old fashioned discussions. So bring your SharePoint questions, meet your colleagues around town, and have some fun.

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