Blog Goals For 2013

It is the beginning of a new year.  No better time to take a look what we want to accomplish over the next year.

My first goal is to have more Windows 8 and Windows Phone development content.  This is a technology that I really enjoy developing for and I see challenges that every developer would like answers to.  Things are also evolving on a daily basis which gives us a lot to discover and discuss.

I am also looking to have more architecture topics.  These will be both high level concepts and integration of technology into your architecture subjects.  As architects we always need more inputs for decision making as well as new way to improve our evaluations.  These will be my targets.

I would also love to hear from regular readers who have specific topics they would like to see addressed.  This is an open forum and I always enjoy your input.

I realize these are goals in broad stokes, but I’ll post some details in the near future.  Overall I see more posts coming this year than in previous years with the industry changing at an ever quicker pace.  Stay tuned.

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# re: Blog Goals For 2013
Ben Barreth
1/15/2013 8:18 AM
I'm always a fan of architecture comments and also "clean code" which I don't feel like there's enough emphasis on these days. Looking forward to reading your posts Tim!

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