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I don't like TV (if you've read my blog lately you'd probably not believe that) normally. I do like to watch some shows, but I tend to try to avoid the whole TV experience (commercials, etc). I like to rent DvDs from Blockbuster for shows that are several seasons in (BSG, for example). Sheri has been a big fan of Hulu for watching "her shows" (Dancing with the Has-Beens, Project Aufwiedersein, So You Think You Can Faceplant, etc.), but I've never really found a compelling reason to check it out much.

That has changed for all eternity.

Sheri showed me FULL NHL GAMES on Hulu!!!! I was watching Red Wings vs. Penguins Game 6 for the Stanley Cup finals. Given I am still a few weeks from the new NHL season, it was a wonderful, excellent way to get a taste of one of my favourite pastimes. It has also fired me up for the season to come...

You know, I look a lot like those guys when I play my weekly game, too....

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