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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Still in mostly design mode here, but I have started building a database for the data. I am actually trying to separate the db design from the object design/coding by a short period of time (days? week?) to hopefully allow me to design the object model without the db structure in mind. If I am too close to the db, I'll never achieve this.

Anyway, the db is coming along, and I am building some basic CRUD procs that I will need. All that is coming along smoothly so should it's honestly the easy part.

After some discussion, I have decided to use an established framework for the core of my design (much thanks to Blogus for his input), and it's going to be CSLA. We batted the ball back and forth between framework or evolving one on my own, and we think that CSLA is a better choice (reasoning upon request).

Still planning on using SQL Server as my backend, but that might change....

More as we go....

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