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Ok, here's the deal. I am tired of having my flying experience made more potentially inconvenient for measures that frankly seem pointless. Basically, my travel will be complicated because someone is in a bad mood? What if a cabbie gives me a hard time at DFW (and OMG do they), and I come to the checkpoint in a sour mood? Will my behaviour trigger some serious background checking?

This, to me, is tantamount to thoughtcrime. Someone external will make a judgement call to hassle someone based on the look on their face.

You know, I often go to my home airport and the line for security is out the door. Three x-ray machines per concourse, one open. Why? Not enough screeners. Imagine when there aren't enough screeners qualified to do a "face check".

I mean no offense to TSA agents with this, btw. I am most polite and cooperative when I travel every week. Honestly, I am. In my experience, some of the agents could easily be given a serious examination based on the looks on their faces. And, again, no offense intended, I don't believe someone in that line is going to be qualified to make any judgements concerning the intent I might have based on the look on my face.

I know I am a bit jaded and over-traveled. This leads to me frustration with the whole process when it gets tough. I mean, I am the guy who invariably gets behind the woman who has a 55 gallon drum of hairspray in her bag and tries to get it through security, then argues for 15 minutes because she can't. So, I realize my irritation is a bit extreme. I will behave and keep my face calm and impassive. I totally understand that flying is a privilege, not a right. I agree to this treatment every time I accept a boarding pass. However, it doesn't mean I have to like it, and I am totally free to express my annoyance.

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