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Been away from work and the blog for a week. A nice week with the kids. We saw the Lion King traveling production, saw the new Harry Potter in IMAX, and even went to Carowinds (despite the recommendations of friends). I also have become a huge fan of Guitar Hero. I bought a GH game machine (someone was calling it a "PS2" or something). I've even heard rumors that my GH machine will play other games!

I also have hired a cool band for the wedding in November. They are called Gael Warning. As soon as I saw the piper in a kilt and wearing a Rush t-shirt, I knew I had the right band. Very, very cool. Apparently, they are a little known in NC, but still building a following. I would guess so; I doubt too many people like music that is Jimi Hnedrix rock + bagpipes.

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