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New job is going well. Did some real work this week, but was a little surprised at how little documentation I had and how little guidance. I mean, this is their production code. I was expecting something a little more specific than "Ok, fix it". But, hey whatever. Anyway, I applied the change and test every execution path I could, which was probably overkill. However, it seems to me that my first change for them should be as carefully done as possible.

The change itself was interesting. I spent a lot of time agonizing over the approach. Does it need some significant refactoring? Do I need to re-engineer the proverbial wheel? I tried a couple of things, but the more I tried to grasp it and pull it to conclusion the more came out like a sweater with a pull. Ultimately, I needed only a couple of lines of code dropped in the right place, and the change is simple, efficient, and seems to be elegant.

Sometimes, the solution is all but staring you in face...daring you to 1) see it and 2) believe it.

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