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I am still researching a way to force focus back to the hardware buttons once I lose it in an onscreen form, but until I do, I am going to do something that will get me by. I am going to use a call to some unmanaged code on my PDA to capture other hardware button events like button 1 (calendar) or button 2 (contacts). There is only a little code that one needs: simply a call that references the dll you need, and pass the handle of the window you want to have the event. Not bad at all. I've found a few nice examples on the net, but none that did exactly what I wanted. So, like any good programmer would, I took the elements I liked and refactored my code. The upside is now I have the ability to add this to any mobile development form at will (or will when I refactor the refactored code to make it even more generic), but the downsides are that it doesn't address my main concern, and it will require some more refactoring. Ah well, when you make an game plan is to have some nice code that does this and draws my grid for the GCNUG Mobile gaming contest. The game may be in a playable state, too. I'll post some code to our GCNUG website when I get it prettier.

I've been asked by my favourite RPG developer to assist on a writing project (sort of hush-hush at present), about which I am frankly very excited. I'll add that to the stack of stuff to do, but will likely shove some of it into a dark corner out of memory until I find it hiding somewhere on my PDA. Kinda like the 2 week old tuna salad......

One thing I will not avoid doing is adding some monsters to the code base for HA!, the RPG written by Chris Williams. It's his baby (the scars I received the time I tried to peek at the code still haven't healed), but he has allowed me to add some mean critters. Watch out! I did manage to play for over an hour the other night before dying, and that's pretty good. If you try it (and I recommend that you do), try the dwarf paladin to start; very forgiving starter class. Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 3:57 AM | Back to top

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