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Have you ever attended a TechEd? I haven’t until now, and I just realized how much I missed. By being there, I realized and learned in those 5 days more than in months of being at home. I got to meet people that share the same interest in passion in computers, a lot of Microsoft employees working on the products that I am using every day, and real Icons in the IT world. It is amazing to see how many people share the same passions as I do.

I was thinking about making a list of all the peoples I’ve met, but I am afraid that I will miss some of the them and I don’t want to upset anyone, so I will name only some of them: Mark Russinovich, Stephen Toub, Josh Philips, Jeff Hora, Ken Rosen, Tjeerd Veninga, Matthew Roche and many more (Microsoft), Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell (.NET Rocks), Stephen Forte and Todd Anglin (Telerik), Rob Zelt and Shawn Weisfeld (INETA), a lot of Microsoft Certified Trainers like me, and regular attendees, peoples that in spite of those difficult times did make it to TechEd this year.

Was it worth the investment? Of course! Will I do that again? You bet I will! So see you next year in New Orleans, or even sooner, this year in Berlin, for those of you attending TechEd EMEA.


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