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Tiberiu Covaci ASP.NET: Developer & Trainer

For very long time I was thinking why would I start a blog. There are already a lot of blogs out there, most with little or no valuable information at all,or even shameless copy of other people work with no citations whatsoever. And this is nothing more than just a waist of time and disk space, and bandwidth. So the last thing I want to do I to waist someone time, including mine.

Then why this sudden change, one might asked. The reason is simple. I have started my graduates studies, to pursue a PhD title. And this implies a lot of writing, and I am afraid of writing, mostly because I have no exercise. I did not write much up to now, so this will be time consuming in the beginning, at least for me, but a rewarding one in the end,  both for you as my reader, and me personally.Now the real question. Who am I? And for that I will answer with my bio:

I have started my developer career in 1991, and since 1995 I work with different Microsoft technologies and platforms. I moved from Romania to Sweden 1996, to work as a programmer. Since 2004 I am working as an independent trainer teaching Microsoft Official Curriculum classes, on all levels for .NET programming, but what I love most is teaching introductory courses because they give me a chance to influence the future .NET programmers. In 2008 I was chosen Subject Matter Expert for the 70-565 Microsoft exam, and I am involved as a Technology Reviewer for different Microsoft courses while they are developed. I did a session on Parallel Programming at TechDays Sweden 2009 which was placed number 5 for content and number 8 for presenter and overall impression. When I am not in the classroom I am doing research at the Royal Institute of Technology  in Stockholm as a graduate student. I am as well group leader of the Sweden .NET User group in Stockholm, and INETA country leader for Sweden.

So the subjects I will concentrate on are .NET programming, teaching, and community work. I hope that you will find this blog educational and inspiring.


Best regards,


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