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Tiberiu Covaci ASP.NET: Developer & Trainer

I will start to use this blog as a blog for my ASP.NET activities, so stay tuned.



May 09
Have you ever attended a TechEd? I haven’t until now, and I just realized how much I missed. By being there, I realized and learned in those 5 days more than in months of being at home. I got to meet people that share the same interest in passion in computers, a lot of Microsoft employees working on the products that I am using every day, and real Icons ......

For very long time I was thinking why would I start a blog. There are already a lot of blogs out there, most with little or no valuable information at all,or even shameless copy of other people work with no citations whatsoever. And this is nothing more than just a waist of time and disk space, and bandwidth. So the last thing I want to do I to waist ......

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