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Tim Hibbard CEO for EnGraph software

I love to be connected.  My laptop has wireless.  My cell phone can get online.  I can plug a cable from my phone to my laptop and use it as a modem when I am on the road. 

The problem has always been retrieving my email when I don't have my laptop.  I can go online with my phone to, but then I have to enter my username, password, pop3 server...etc.  Major pain.  So for a while I was using rules in Outlook to foward emails to my phone.  That worked ok, but I could only get the first 160 charactors and I was also getting all my spam mail.  So I said screw it...I'll find a better way.

So I wrote an Outlook addin that takes new emails and sends the From, Date and Body to a sql server.  I then wrote an asp mobile page that connects to that sql server and allows me to browse the messages via my phones browser.

So far it works pretty well.  I had some problems with the mobile controls provided by .net.  All of them didn't work right on my phone.  I also think that my phone doesn't support the POST command.  I dunno, though, I don't know much about web development. 

I also built a little filter into the outlook addin that forwards the first 160 charactors of an email if it is from certain people.

It would be hard to deploy this for anybody else, I wrote it with just myself in mind.  However, I would be happy to share the source code if anybody wants to see it.

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 6:51 PM | Back to top

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Sounds great, have you uploaded your code anywhere?

Left by Iain Lennox on Jun 23, 2004 3:27 AM

# RE: MobileOutlook
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I haven't uploaded it anywhere. Send me an email at thibbard[at] and I will send it to you...Tim
Left by (Tim Hibbar on Jun 23, 2004 7:58 AM

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