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Many time developer required specific port for development when he/she using Visual Studio for application development. They specify port by taking Properties of the Web Site and select Web option. Under Server option select Use Visual Studio Development Server and then set port in Specific Port option.
Ok when Windows Azure developer need to set a specific port to the WebRole application they need to take different approach. From Solution Explorer Window select open WebRole Section in my case[AzureTableApp] is and then open Roles folder and take properties of any WebRole in your application in my case [ServiceEndWebRole].

Under Properties select Endpoints option, by default Endpoint1 is selected. 
Double click on Public Port and set the specific port in the textbox. Now open Service Definition file from Solution Explorer [ServiceDefinition.csdef].

Here your Service Definition file has been updated with the specific port. 


posted on Monday, April 25, 2011 3:29 AM