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Starting any project without identifying organization needs and plan are never ending projects and that is also true for Service Oriented Application projects. The biggest misconception about SOA is it’s a technical concept actually SOA is primarily a management concept. SOA is not purely an IT concept. Part of SOA is, of course, technical implementation at the IT level. But in addition, an organization must be able to ensure a commitment to services and the organization of the responsibilities for these services.

When even we start SOA project we have some questions in our mind regarding SOA project direction.
  • What challenges address by the SOA project [Challenges should be achievable]?
  • Does SOA project optimize the business process management [Customer gets direct benefit]?
  • Does it improve the data flow by integrating existing applications [Functionality that can be accessed via a standardized interface]?
  • Does it align business and IT?

Note: “When planning a SOA project, organizations should strive toward a smaller-scale, medium-term implementation and organization interdepartmental feedback plays very vital role in the success of SOA benchmarking”.

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