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Illuminate Every difficult problem can be broken down into simple solutions Silverlight for 13 and under Silverlight for true beginners with no code experience.
Exploring the Grid and Grid Splitter with Blend–North Texas User Group–Blendlet #1
I am honored to start the series of short Blend lessons for the North Texas Silverlight User Group ( ) on October 11th. The first topic will be handling the Grid with Expression Blend. Join us next month for fun with the pathlist box. Today let’s get started with Grids. Put a grid on the canvas and set it to auto width and height by using the set to auto arrow. Also set the vertical and horizontal alignment to stretch. If you mouse over the top or side bar, you will see ......

Posted On Monday, October 11, 2010 10:00 PM

Expression Blend is a great tool to for young web devs
Basic layout One day when I came home, my youngest daughter said “I could never be a geek like you”. So I put her in front of Expression Blend and we started messing around. She has produced her first silverlight site and isn’t done yet. All the development is done in Expression Expression Blend and with a little direction, she has done it herself. There is a secret password that pops up a secret message for her friends (nope, I can’t tell you where or what or it wouldn’t be a secret). I can tell ......

Posted On Saturday, August 7, 2010 2:49 AM

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