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The files that appear in the solution explorer automatically when you create a new Sequential Workflow Library are:


·         Feature xml (DeploymentFiles\FeatureFiles) :
o   This xml file is used to put together a workflow as a feature, in order for it to be deployed into SharePoint. When creating the project, this file is almost blank.
·         Workflow.xml (DeploymentFiles\FeatureFiles) :
o    This workflow xml file is the final piece the developer needs to deploy workflow to SharePoint. At the beginning, this file is almost blank too.
·         Manifest.xml (DeploymentFiles\ProductionDeployment) :
o   This is used in the process of packaging the workflow into a solution file.
·         wsp_Structure.ddf (DeploymentFiles\ProductionDeployment) :
o   Only used for the production deployment.
·         PostBuildActions.bat (DeploymentFiles) :
o   The batch file needed for the deployment of the workflow produced.
·         Workflow1.cs :
o   This is the file needed by the developer, to construct his/her workflow. This file comes by the name Workflow1.cs by default, but the developer is encouraged to change its name into a significant one.


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