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SteveB is animated, but didn't do the dev monkey dance for us. He did reference it J.

HTML5 getting love and IE9 … great, great, great is Steve's take.

IE9 – good demo showing how it uses the power of the PC to support HTML5 in IE9. Video and canvas… full HW acceleration kicks Chrome's ass in fps and smooth display. Cool javascript additions for sites to support pinning web sites in Win7 desktop. Couldn't be easier. CSS3 2D transforms supported, cute demos. for demos and samples.

Windows Phone 7 of course getting play. Man do I hate my BlackBerry.

Paradigm is user centric rather than app-centric. Nice.

Attendees are getting a WP7 phone and registration on Windows Phone Marketplace! W00t!

During demo, used term "glancability". Never heard it before, probably a UI designer standard term. J    

Scottgu, as usual, gives great demo. Building first WP7 app.

Announced new odata library, showed using it to talk to eBay.

New profiler tools coming for WP7 dev let you download app to physical phone and profile it. Deploys instrumented version of app to phone. Can drill down to specific item causing issues.

Bob Muglia's Azure talk showed Microsoft's commitment to Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Chris Ford's demo of Pixar's RenderMan app on Azure, showed elasticity a value scale (time vs. processor costs). Small shops don't have to have to build out their own huge "render farm" and can pay for usage only.

Announcing the ability to move a Win2008R2 image directly to cloud. Windows Azure Virtual Machine Role. Win 2008 and Win 2003 coming later.

Server Application Virtualization coming. Deploy an app to a windows server app role with no cloud install).

Coming full IIS support, RDP, smaller instances, VPN, elevated privs (admin mode), Win 2008 R2 roles, multiple admins. – TFS in the cloud (trial). Does SCC, Work Items, Builds… didn't see SharePoint site. Test center, Excel, Project – can also access it.

AppFabric – Access Control service improved, Caching Service moving to Azure this year, Service Bus adding durable message support, connecting to BizTalk.

SQL Azure – multi-tenant Reporting Services, data sync between cloud-cloud, cloud-on-premise coming.

New Windows Azure Marketplace available today. DataMarket aisle open, too. New app composition designer support for AppFabric in VS 2010.

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