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I really want to want one of these.  I think the device has potential.  But it's missing some big things on day one.

  • No podcast support.  I'm sure you can rig something up like we've been forced to do in the past with Windows Media Player, but this really should be as nicely integrated as it is in iTunes.
  • No Windows Media Center support.  Shows you record from TV will not work on the Zune.  I just heard about this one this morning on the CNET podcast.  I'm hoping it's not true, and they just didn't set up the folder monitoring correctly.
  • No video store.  This one is minor to me.  But I think it is important for adoption in the market.  I do wish that they would add music videos to the rental plan though.
  • No Vista support.  I am sure this one is temporary.
  • No XBOX 360 integration / No games.  How cool would it be to be able to play some of the Live games on the Zune?  How come no one does this yet?  Oh wait.
  • No PlaysForSure.  That's just rude that they do not support their old format and provide no way to get credit for your purchases.  They are just begging people to hack the DRM.
  • Large Hard Drive.  How about a 60GB or 80GB model?

I'm sure most of these things are on the way, with the exception of PlaysForSure.  I just read this morning that they plan on adding video sharing, and Soapbox will be integrated into the video section of Zune.  So I expect improvements to come rapidly.

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 8:57 AM Hardware | Back to top

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