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First.  WOO HOO!  Cardinals rule!

Now, how did EA Sports screw up my kid and dampen the World Series for me?

I can remember exactly where I was when the Cardinals won the 82 World Series.  It is a memory I have from my childhood that is burned in.  I was sitting in the rec room of our basement at the bar, second seat from the right.  It's still vivid today.  The furniture, TV, carpet, everything.  My dad was not a big baseball fan, but we still watch the World Series together.  You never know when your team will get to play, much less win, at that level again.  It could be a once in a lifetime thing.

I hoped to have a similar experience with both my sons.  My older son watched, but my yonger son, who is almost the exact same age I was in 82, passed.  Why?  Because he is a stinking Cubs fan.  Yup, he's the enemy.  No one else in my family or my wife's family likes the Cubs.  But he caught "there's always next year" fever.  And I blame EA Sports, because he use to like the Cardinals.

You see, the first time my son ever played baseball on the Xbox 360, the default teams were the Yankees and the Cubs.  He took the Cubs and for some reason he never looked back.  What he is only now starting to realize is, the Cubs may win when he plays them on the Xbox, but in real life their record stinks.  But it's too late.  Cubs disease is lifelong and terminal.  I took him to a Cards, Cubs game this year and that only made things worse.  All dressed up in his Cubs gear, he got high fives and cheers from other Cubs fans, while I got yelled at by Cards fans for letting this happen.

Take my advice.  Video games can screw up your kids.  Just not in the ways you would expect.  Rated E for Everyone my ass.

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