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Up until now I've used both Flickr and Picasa web galleries in much the same way. That's not very efficient and it does cause confusion for friends and family looking for the latest from the Bargelt family. Up until now I've also used Flickr to host pictures for my blog - which never really fit - I'd be looking at pictures of my latest vacation only to run across a screenshot of a bug I found. So my strategy going forward is this:

Picasa = large web galleries. Stuff like vacations, holidays and sporting events. Things I will share with my family and close friends. This is more of a traditional scrapbook or photo album where almost every picture you take is displayed. The main reason that I have Picasa in this role is the ease of creating a web gallery right from the Picasa desktop application.

Flickr = favorites and special photos only. More of a photography-as-a-hobby playground. I'm thinking of the times where I'll take 100 pictures of clouds because they look cool, then get them loaded up into Photoshop and pick the single best photo. That photo will go up on Flickr. The rest will languish on my hard drive array in digital purgatory. Sure I will still post personal photos of family and vacations and stuff like that but where at Picasa I might post all 882 pictures of our DisneyLand vacation, only a very small number (0, 1 maybe 2) would get to Flickr. I will share my Flickr address with acquaintances, people I barley know, even people don't know along with family and friends. Flickr will be where I show off my favorite photos in the photography-as-a-hobby space and not a boring play by play that only Grandma and Grandpa could enjoy. In preparation I I deleted all but a few photos from my Flickr account.

Photobucket = This will be a place for me to post pictures of items I'm selling on ebay and craigslist. Also screen shots or pictures to be included in blog posts, articles and reviews. Basically stuff that I don't want to clutter up my Flickr or Picasa pages.

Does this make any sense? Anyone else have any spiffy ideas for utilizing online photo sharing sites? Post your ideas and strategies in the comments section!



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Posted on Monday, May 21, 2007 3:09 PM Personal | Back to top

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# re: Online Photo Sites and Sharing Strategy
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I'll be testing the new Zooomr fairly soon. It's programmed by a photographer for photographers. It may be a better place for your Flickr type photos.
Left by Jeremy on May 24, 2007 1:57 PM

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Jeff- that sounds pretty good- I may try that out- the privacy stuff sounds pretty secure.
Left by Natalie Saimond on Oct 15, 2007 11:17 AM

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