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263.8 pounds with 24.5 % body fat. I’m happy with the weight but that body fat # needs to budge!!! I knew going in that measuring my body fat coudl be hit-and-miss with my scale. I’m not going to sweat it.  


  • Weights: Friday, Monday, Wednesday – typical workout all three nights. Abdominal and leg work Friday and Monday. Extra bicep work Friday and Monday nights.
  • Cardio: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday. Three days isn’t so bad. I just couldn’t do it Tuesday morning… Zoe was up all night. Argh! Excuses, excuses!


Did well – even with the SuperBowl party I managed to drop 2.6 pounds.


Today (2/9/06) 263.8, 24.5% BF
Started (1/1/06) 271, 25.3 BF%

Here are the charts for 2006 (click for larger versions):




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How accurate really do you think your scale is at measuring body fat? I'm not sure of the science, but it's gotta be taking some sort of reading through your feet? WTF dude? I wouldn't worry about it. We should all go get caliper tested or immersion tested somewhere and then compare at the end of the year. Just a thought
Left by Johnboy on Feb 09, 2006 12:01 PM

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