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What File Extension are you ?

Which File Extension Are You? Well I 'm working late, so gotta take a break so I decided read some blogs and ran into Tejas Patel entry about What File Extension are you ? Questionnaire. I was sure I was gonna be a .CS but I guess I was wrong. PS. That what you get for leaving all answers blank Check it out ( Which File Extension are You? ) at http://www.bbspot.com/News/... . Now if you really have time to blow there are a couple more interesting questionnaires like Which Nigerian ......

First Post! WOW

Hi all I decide to break free from the medieval time-bubble I am prisoner. Blogs were born, grew, matured and I didn't pay attention, or I chose not to pay that much attention, and I say (that much) because I read blogs, I just don't write, I didn’t have to write, it is cozy, but is not taking me anywhere and sometimes I got to say what I got to say, capish. So I decided it was time to start conveying my ideas, experiences, enlightenment and disappointments in the technology field to the rest ......