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Next Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 5:30pm, I'm presenting at the Arizona .NET Users Group at the Microsoft campus in downtown Phoenix.  The presentation is going to be a deep exploration of the new features of C# 3.0 - including LINQ, lambda expressions, extension methods, simple properties, partial methods, anonymous/implicit types, and object and collection initialzers.  It will also cover some of the new .NET Framework 3.5 class libraries, but only insofar as they support the C# 3.0 language features (for instance, LINQ).

Those who have been paying attention might know that I've criticized some of the features (or at least the implementation) of 3.0, specifically, the implementation and non-reuse of lambda expressions, and also noted the design pitfalls you can run into by using extension methods improperly. 

The presentation will look at:

  • How are the new language features implemented in the underlying CLR IL code (allowing for C# 3.0 code to run under the 2.0 CLR)?
  • When are they appropriate to use?
  • When are they inappropriate to use?

Hopefully this will be coming out into a white paper soon as well.

I'd like to thank Scott Cate for affording me the opportunity to present and to for sponsoring the event!

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Good luck! Wish i could be there :(
Left by Paul on Feb 06, 2008 9:06 PM

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