.Net User Group -thon event 2.0

Our .NET User Group held their second -thon event.  This event definitely works for our UG by creating a good turnout AND by GETTING MEMBERS INVOLVED.  This will definitely be an annual event for our UG.  Both of ours have been in June - last meeting before the summer meetings begin.  Here's how ours worked.

  1. Pick a topic
    - that easily breaks into small segments (10-15 minute presentation)
    - general in nature
    - that affords opportunity for novice and intermediate information
  2. Recruit Presenters (about 6)
    - that have never presented before
    - that ask questions
    - suggest sub-topics
    - provide mentoring - for slides and code
  3. Recruit A Host
    - that is technical AND entertaining
    - that can protect the presenter from the group (if needed)
    - that can help answer questions asked to the presenter
  4. Change the menu
    - provide something besides pizza
    - we do wings & things (wings & sweets)

2005 - “Datagrid marathon“
ASP.NET datagrid - presentations ranging from formating the datagrid to using templated columns

2006 -  “Tool-a-thon“
 Open-source, free tools available for the .NET Developer (included tools such as NUnit, NHibernate, Refactor..)


posted @ Friday, June 9, 2006 12:36 PM

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# Roanoke .net User Group Best Practice

Left by .net DEvHammer at 7/24/2006 2:27 PM
Robin Edwards, one of our rockin' user group leaders here in Mid-Atlantic, has posted about a cool idea...

# re: .Net User Group -thon event 2.0

Left by Sahil Malik at 7/25/2006 7:13 AM
I love the #4 suggestion :)

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